What We Do

True Partnership offers core principles for women and men to successfully partner in business and in life.

"True partnership is not a 50%-50% arrangement."


Nancy Trites Botkin and Mark Shekter work and live together -- and have for 15 years, sharing five combined off-spring, and co-founding two companies — First Star International, (film, TV and media company) and Think8 (a consulting firm which operates worldwide).

After being repeatedly asked the secret to thier successful blend of life and work (24/7 and still crazy about each other) they are co-authoring a book on TRUE PARTNERSHIP, exploring life and business in partnership-- from a woman’s perspective and from a man’s perspective.


The Book

This book does more than inspire or give hope. It is concrete strategies to be able to create and live in true partnerships in business and in life.

"In any partnership there are only two operating modes:

creating, or counter- creating.

There is no coast."

We are a network of companies dedicated to improving the lives of everyone we touch.


Concrete steps to be able to create and live in true partnerships in business and in life.




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